Note Card Sets and Singles

Manatee Note Card Sets

Six 7"x5" cards with different manatee images in a clear box with envelopes $6.75 each
6 vellum finish 7" x 5" blank cards with different photo images. Each card set is packaged in an attractive clear box with matching white envelopes.
Manatee Note Card Set
Manatee Note Card Set: NCM


Manatee Note Cards Sold Singly

7"x5" in a bag with an envelope $1.40 each
A vellum finish 7" x 5 " blank card with printed manatee image. Each card is individually packaged in a clear bag with a matching white envelope.


Mother and newborn
Mother Manatee and Newborn Calf: NC1
Baby Manatee Nuzzles his Mother
Baby Manatee Nuzzles: NC6
Two Manatees
Two Manatees: NC2
Two Young Manatees
Two Young Manatees: NC7
Baby Manatee Nuzzles his Mother
Manatee Up Close: NC8
Friendly Baby Manatee
Friendly Baby Manatee: NC9